1- Watched the FIFA world cup with friends.
2 Made my own flower-crown for cheering on Holland.
3 - Got new running shoes as a gift from dad. | Puma £48.95
4 - Made some egg and bacon heart shaped muffins. | DIY

So yeah this week was fun. The Netherlands did great in the last few matches of the world cup. I'm normally not really into soccer, but it's different during the FIFA world cup. Because it's so darn fun just cheering and shouting and just being together with people who are all happy and jumpy. And as you may remember, one of my goals this month was working out more and live healthier. 
My dad actually surprised me with brand new Puma running shoes. 
And i have been running 3 times this week.yay for me!

 Tell me, what have you been up to this week?

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