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The last few sunny days are coming to an end. I will miss summer. But my favourite season of all is autumn. So I'm pretty psyched! Pumpkins, Tea and reading books in front of the fireplace. That's what I'm all about. Are you looking forward to wearing cosy sweaters and rainy days?

ootd & my dog yuki

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I've been kinda feeling sick the last few days. And I finally feel better today. Got to doing things that have been on my to do list for ages. So I feel really at peace today. Also haven't really told you much about my dog Yuki, whom has been in my life for seven months now. She's been so much more than I expected her to be. The Akita breed is known for its dominance and difficulty in training. But everything is smooth sailing with her. And I couldn't imagine life without her. Do you own a pet? I'm curious, tell me in the comments below!

Back on track

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Hey guys, I'm finally back on track. Vacation is over and I will be starting school next week. Or actually my intern ship. I'll be working mainly at home which is great! How was your vacation? Let me know in the comments!


So I went on a little mini vacation with my good friend Eline. I've been wanting to go to England for quite a while. Since I am obsessed with the culture. Because of the sudden surprise of my friend being pregnant we couldn't go in late august as we initially had planned. Her belly would be too big by then and she couldn't keep up with my enthusiastic running around. So we went for a shorter vacation as I could get three days off from work.

We had so much fun! We kinda planned to go shopping on day one and went sight seeing on day 2. Shopping in London is heaven! I bought SO MUCH stuff. I couldn't be more satisfied.

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People say it's always raining in England. But the second day was REALLY sunny. Eline actually turned red. Our first stop of the day was the London Eye.

We didn't actually got in it because Eline is pregnant and afraid of heights. I also didn't hear allot of great things about it. People say the view isn't that spectacular and the price is too expensive.

 BIG BEN! Okay, the Big Ben was soooo pretty! the golden details where amazing. It really is a must-see when you go to London.

Okay so maybe some of you already know that I am a huge Doctor Who lover. Or as it's called: a Whovian. If you know the series you also know that The Doctor travels through time and space in a police telephone box from the 60's. It so happens to be that one of those Telephone boxes is still located in London. Ofcourse I had to go and visit.... (it is located next to the underground railway station at Earls Court)

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I really loved London and I certainly will be visiting again! 

Wednesday Wishlist // black & blue

1- Leather jacket  |  $42.50
2 - Black court shoes  | €34.25
3 - Annette dress | €65
4 - Pines print | $14
  Black & Blue, the two colours that always look good on me. When it comes to clothing of course... I'm all about vintage looking dresses this summer. And this piece from couturier is gorgeous! When it gets cold in the evenings you can pair it with a cool leather jacket. What's on your summer wish-list?

Get the look // Jenna Louise Coleman

In a few short years, Jenna Coleman has gone from soap star to British style icon. The petite star of Doctor Who has transformed from nervous new face to red carpet pro, slowly swapping the body-con frocks and strappy sundresses of her Emmerdale days for layered looks, buttoned-up blouses, and vintage-inspired red carpet styles (not unlike my last get the look pick Karen Gillan). Ditching the soap awards for Comic-Con, Jenna has become one half of the ultimate pop culture couple (her boyfriend is Game of Thrones and Cinderella star Richard Madden) and won over hardcore Whovians and new fans alike as Clara Oswald.

1- Lace collar dress  | $31.26
3  Dr. Martens  | $69.99

1- Scallop skater dress  | £14.42
  2- White collar | €420
3  Grandinetti Moccasins  79
  2- Leather kite clutch | 250
3  Heeled sandals  | £49