So I went on a little mini vacation with my good friend Eline. I've been wanting to go to England for quite a while. Since I am obsessed with the culture. Because of the sudden surprise of my friend being pregnant we couldn't go in late august as we initially had planned. Her belly would be too big by then and she couldn't keep up with my enthusiastic running around. So we went for a shorter vacation as I could get three days off from work.

We had so much fun! We kinda planned to go shopping on day one and went sight seeing on day 2. Shopping in London is heaven! I bought SO MUCH stuff. I couldn't be more satisfied.

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People say it's always raining in England. But the second day was REALLY sunny. Eline actually turned red. Our first stop of the day was the London Eye.

We didn't actually got in it because Eline is pregnant and afraid of heights. I also didn't hear allot of great things about it. People say the view isn't that spectacular and the price is too expensive.

 BIG BEN! Okay, the Big Ben was soooo pretty! the golden details where amazing. It really is a must-see when you go to London.

Okay so maybe some of you already know that I am a huge Doctor Who lover. Or as it's called: a Whovian. If you know the series you also know that The Doctor travels through time and space in a police telephone box from the 60's. It so happens to be that one of those Telephone boxes is still located in London. Ofcourse I had to go and visit.... (it is located next to the underground railway station at Earls Court)

< 'Sagittarius' Leather Ankle Strap Open Toe Platform Sandal (Women)        

I really loved London and I certainly will be visiting again! 

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