Dress - H&M

Heels - Zara

  Lately I'm totally into John Green books and devour them piece by piece. I love looking for alaska. "all of John Green's books are going to leave you feeling like you've had a hole kicked straight through your guts"

As for today's look, I really wanted to wear my long grey dress again. Because it's so damn comfy. I always combine it with a cute top. Perfect for warm but not too warm days. I really hate the fact that my natural hair colour is bright blonde, I have to dye my hair ALLOT. As you can see the hairline looks kinda bald-ish. I just dyed my hair like two seconds ago so you won't be seeing that again. And no I don't hate my natural hair colour. I kinda want to go back to blonde again. But I have to do that in small steps for it to look okay.

Bonus: me riding down town. Not my car, I just borrowed it.

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