blouse - similar // $50,90
skirt - H&M // €14,99
  shoes - H&M // €17

I haven't blogged in a while, School is starting soon and i have been a busy bee. Primark opened a huge new store in my home town. And i went and took a peek at what the fuzz is all about. As you may know Primark sells clothes for almost nothing. The prices are so low that it makes you wonder what conditions the workers are in. I have done some research because I myself don't like shopping with the idea that some kid in a foreign country is working his/her ass of in horrible conditions. I know that this still happens and even some of the most big and popular brands have a share in this. So I checked Primark's status out. And I'm relieved to say that Primark is so very cheap just because the fabrics and clothes that they sell are low quality and simple design. When it comes to breaking labour laws, they have in the past but that has been corrected. Now I can shop without worrying.

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