Favorite DIY's // week 45

1- peachy puffs | the londoner
2 Elsie's mudroom organisation | abeautifulmess
3 - fabric line built in | abeautifulmess
4 - sweet chilli lime wrap | clarkscondensed

It's save to say that I've had a lot of time off lately. Short school-days and afternoons of fighting boredom. I really LOVE checking out DIY projects and recipes. And actually take on a few. I'm extremely in love with the ClarksCondensed chilli wraps. They have the perfect recipe to recreate the famous McDonalds chicken wrap. I think making this wrap yourself is not only tastier but also healthier. I made these wraps for me and the family and everybody loved it! You should definitely try it out.


  1. Your blog is gorgeous! So glad I found you through Tea Was Here!

    Thanks for the inspo babe!


  2. THANKYOU! you have a gorgeous blog too! x