2014 Summary

2014 was mostly awful and sad. I lost a family member very dear to me. I don't even have words for it. But that doesn't mean I didn't have good moments. Here's a summary of 2014's good times:

 2014 was a great year for me and fashion, as I started my blog in July. I actually began blogging just for me. To document my everyday life and clothing for future reference. But soon I found myself in the world of fashion and lifestyle bloggers. I'd like to think I came a long way in that short period of time. One thing I do know is: I still have allot of blogging to do in 2015 and will enjoy every moment of it.


I found my love for cooking this past year. I knew I liked cooking, but I actually discovered new recipes and challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone by using ingredients I didn't even knew existed. Here are a few of my favourite recipes of last year: snowball cookies // mexican wraps // easter deviled eggs // frozen almond spiced chai // sweet chilli lime wrap // oven baked home made french fries


What a creative year it was! I tried out some DIY projects and learned new techniques. Most of last years projects where gifts for others as I love putting smiles on faces. Here are a few of my favourite DIY's: how to paint ceramic mugs // three last minute holiday gift ideas // DIY jewellery display


I wouldn't be able to get through 2014 without these people. They are the ones that kept me smiling and strong. I will always think that friends and family go before all else. Because without love there is no life. thank you, all of you. 

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  1. i love your food pics! especially the easter deviled eggs! so cute!! x

    Aine Oh