Introducing you all to Yuki

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I am so happy to announce the soon arrival of my new buddy. A while back my mom brought a dog home that she needed to babysit that afternoon. It was a Japanese Akita Inu. And we immediately fell in love with it. My dad couldn't stop talking about that he liked the breed and that it would be great to get another dog. I thought he was just horsing around, but yesterday I was awoken rather abrupt by my dad. Saying that we where going to visit a family that had puppys. I couldn't believe that this was happening. And when we got there we all knew straight away which pup we wanted. Because how cheesy it may sound. Yuki was the first of all the puppies to come greet us. We chose the name Yuki because It's Japanese for Snow. And we really wanted a fitting and cute Japanese name. Here are a few pictures of Akita's if you are not familiar with the breed.


They are so cute right?! I have to say even though it sounds like an impulsive thing we did. It is not. Owning a dog is a great responsibility. A dog needs love and care and you are the world to a dog as an owner. Especially with Akita's as they are very intelligent but also have a temper, that with the right care can be great. But if you are not familiar with dogs or owning one. You should really do research before you commit to taking care of one. I can't wait to add Yuki to the family and will be keeping you guys updated.

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