Port Satin Back Duster Coat

Port Satin Back Duster Coat   http://cdn.yoox.biz/46/46300548ff_14_f.jpgAfbeelding 6 van ROK MET RUITEN van Zara 'Mirror' Crisscross Strap Leather Ankle Boot (Women) https://secure-i3.ztat.net//large/EV/45/1H/07/2Q/11/EV451H072-Q11@2.jpg        

Finally! The rain has stopped. And I feel great today. Maybe it's the sun coming through or the singing birds.... I don't know, But damn, I'm in a good mood. I'm thinking of cutting my hair again. Because of the de-colouring my hair is really elastic and fuzzy. And it always helps to get rid of the dead ends. Have a great Friday night!

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