~ Home Office ~
I save as much home interior inspiration pictures as I can. I think I'm addicted. I just love daydreaming about how my future home would look and feel like. I'm still studying hard so I don't have the budget to make this all happen. But I'm saving and planning to move out within two years time. I would really like to have an office space where I can just sit and get inspired by my surroundings. I specifically love hanging up frames of pictures that I find fascinating and feel really earthy. I'm still kinda switching between white or brown furniture. Oh well I can always combine.

source: 79 ideas // seaofshoes
~ Livingroom ~
I once read this perfect post about bar-carts on seaofshoes. I just love it! It's classy and adds so much to a room. I definitely need one! I also like to have flowers around. Adding bright colours to a darker palette looks so playful.

~ Kitchen ~
Even though I really like the clean look of light colours and lots of white tones. I just can't help but swoon over that bright yellow fridge. It's so unique and quirky. I also really like deer antlers on the wall. Simplicity is beauty.

~ Diningroom ~
INDUSTRIAL LAMPS! Even though this trend has been going on forever, I'm still really into it. I also really like half painted walls. I love the contrast between light and dark. And I think it's really important to have a proper dining table. Some people just eat their dinner in front of the television. I just think it's important to just sit together and chat about your day.

Let me know what your dream interior looks like in the comments below!

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  1. Love, love luuuurve the second home office picture. I have a similar photo in my 'inspiration' folder on my desktop already, but this is definately joining it! Those chairs!