I was scrolling through the Topshop online store and noticed they had their own bb cream.
I really need a good BB cream and immediately purchased this item.

~ Review ~

Coverage: I haven't tried allot of other BB creams so I'm kinda new to these. When it comes to a good BB cream I always look for one that is light and doesn't smudge or leave weird orangey stains. I really like how this BB cream just fits my skin tone VERY well. I ordered medium-dark. I was kinda scared because I normally use light foundations. So when you purchase this cream go for a slightly darker tone than you'd usually pick. When it comes to the coverage, it doesn't cover the dark red spots that well. But for slight imperfections it does the job.

Packaging: I really LOVE the packaging. It's silver with white letterling. The funny thing is, the font that they used is one of my fave's! As you may know I used that font a ton of times in my first ever posts on this blog. The font is called brain flower. download

Let me know what you think or what kind of BB creams you use in the comments below.

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