walk in the woods


what I wore:
hat//H&M • T-shirt//similar • Dungaree dress//similar • Bag//similar • Shoes//H&M

what mom wore: 
Shirt//similar • Trousers//similar

What a beautiful day it was today. I went walking through the woods with mom and dad. We took the dogs and drove to Aamsveen. My dad really wanted to take us there because that's where he grew up. But when we got deeper into nature the path became muddy to the point where the mud just turned into large puddles of water. It was very hard to cross. We already passed a couple with a small child that cried because she fell nose down into the mud. My mom laughed every time she almost fell. But when she actually tripped we where the only ones laughing our asses off. Well she eventually laughed with us. With muddy shoes (and legs) we drove back home and ranted on about how fun it was to watch each other trip and stumble their way through the woods.


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